Myth Buster: Is There a European Vehicle Suitable for Washington Winters?

A lot of people think that European vehicles in general are not suitable for U.S. winters. While winters near Everett, Washington, are milder than some other states, we still have some sloshy ice in the gutters, along the sides of streets, and falling into the road from other vehicles ahead of you. These can definitely pose a hazard, and not every vehicle is suited for it.

But is there a European vehicle that can be driven in winter in Everett?

Actually, there are a few German vehicles that are good for winter in Everett, Washington. Volkswagen is the best brand to turn to for this. Germany winters can be somewhat harsh at times, and their vehicles are designed to be maneuverable in these types of road conditions. BMWs are also German cars that are built to be very durable, making most of those models good options for European winter cars as well. Even Mercedes Benz makes for a good winter car.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia is a European muscle car, so it would be natural to automatically dismiss it when we’re talking about a winter weather vehicle. But in reality, this luxuriant European muscle car has some hidden features that make it a great option for Everett winters. The AWD package costs extra, but it is definitely worth it.

If you aren’t sure if your vehicle is set for the winter months, we can help you winterize your vehicle for the best protection, safety, and performance. If you will be parking your vehicle for the winter, we can help with some maintenance points that should be hit before parking the vehicle, as well as some instructions for starting it, etc., throughout the winter. Contact us today if you need more information.

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