Gary Watts

Gary is the company founder, a forty-year veteran of the automotive industry with a long history in the performance and racing side of the business.

He says he can’t retire; he has 6000 or so customers to look after.


Mark is a seasoned automotive professional with both a history and love for European vehicles. You will like Mark’s “Good news” approach to your vehicle’s care.


Chuck Watts has been with the business from day one. He serves as a general manager and chief technical officer. Chuck is married with three children. He’s an avid gardener and outdoorsman. Chuck is always available for our customers.


Ken is responsible for marketing and commercial accounts. He is a Snohomish resident with a long work history in this area. Ken is family-oriented, enjoys many lifelong friends, and is a talented handyman both at home and at work. Everyone loves to work with Ken.

Lindsay Case

Lindsay is a mother of three, and does her best to make her customers feel welcomed and included on all repairs and Maintenance. 

Eric Mundt

Eric is a consummate, professional automotive technician as well as an ASE-certified master in all phases of auto maintenance and repair. He has a very enthusiastic personality and is a big fan of Monty Python. Everyone likes to work with Eric.

Jakob Martin

Jakob has been in the automotive industry for six years, and can fix anything

Steve Alvine

Steve is a skilled technician with a passion for automotive vehicles.

Ryan Travis

Ryan is a professional mechanic in the shop.





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Everett, WA 98201

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Mon-Fri: 8am – 5pm

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